In Appreciation of HGS Radio: Interview Edition!!

Radio Front_Postcard
Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio!!

Here at Li’el in a Staccato Beat Magazine we like to recognize those who promote positive and powerful messages through their mediums!!  Up for recognition today is Minister Okey and Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio, an internet radio station!!  This mighty member of the internet radio movement shared with us a while back, and today we are introducing his interview!  Let’s check it out!!

Minister Okey of HGS Radio!!
Minister Okey of HGS Radio!!

Li’el: Hello we are here with Minister Okey of HGS Radio, and our first question is, what is your mission in ministry with gospel radio, and specifically your show?

Minister Okey: Mission can be very broad, but with HGS Radio and gospel music, the mission is to spread the gospel with radio and music of all types.  One thing I believe when it comes to gospel is that it’s not just one area.  The Bible tells us we are to preach the gospel to all men in all areas.  Another thing that comes to mind is that Paul says we are to be all things to all people.  At HGS Radio are mission is to try to reach all people, our mission is penetrate and reach those areas of the world that do not know the gospel.

Li’el: How have you seen God use you to this end?

Minister Okey: Sometimes  I don’t even know how to explain that.  When I look at HGS Radio and the analytics of the people who are listening it’s a blessing to me because there are people who are faithful listening.  The ones that really bless me are the ones that are Italy, Guyana, Columbia, they are not in the states.  God must be really moving to have them come every week, every day in these third world countries.  I really want to allow Him to use me.

Li’el: So tell me, where would you like to see HGS Radio go?

Minister Okey: One thing I believe is that the Bible says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  One thing I really see how God uses me, is that I can support independent artists.  When I hear their music, I find I am moved and blessed through what I’m hearing.  I call them personally and let them know I think the music is great and that they should keep doing what they are doing!  And when they hear that it gladdens my heart!  I feel that is definitely a way that God uses me.

Li’el: Tell me, why do you use the moniker “Gospel Swagger” and what does it mean to you?

Minister Okey: Okay, so when you look at the dictionary definition of swagger it’s basically being defiant and arrogant.  When I put gospel and swagger together I say look at 1 Peter 2:9.  It says we are a “holy nation” and a “peculiar people”.  We stand out, we are different, not like everyone else.  You are not looking down on everybody else, but it’s like you have a different mentality and a different way of living.

Li’el: Who is the first gospel artist you think of when you say the words “Gospel Swagger”?

Minister Okey: J MOSS!  We actually had him on the show, and he is definitely the epitome of “Gospel Swagger”.

Li’el: What advice do you have to dj’s coming up behind you as internet radio advances?

Minister Okey: It doesn’t matter if you just have one listener.  Keep grinding.  When you plant a seed, if you sit there and keep looking at the seed it’s not going to grow.

Li’el: If you could leave your audience with one thought, phrase, or sentence, and they not take anything else from your interview, what would you leave them with?

Minister Okey: Do not compromise who you are as a believer.  In a sense where this game of trying to be famous or just trying to get your name out there in the gospel game, they compromise.  Do not compromise, the Bible tells us when we are faithful with the little, He will bless us wih more!


I know this interview will bless you, as it has blessed me, and check out Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio at, and follow them on Twitter @HGSRadio!!




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