It’s Sammy Time!

Samuel Ramsey

It’s time to introduce Samuel Ramsey, or “Sammy” as some friends affectionately call him.  His walk shines in all he does, and his voice speaks for itself.  Let’s take a look at a little snippet of the journey that Samuel Ramsey has walked:

“The Son of a Preacher Man” is both the title of a song from the 1960’s and an accurate description of Samuel Ramsey. Raised by Pastor Roosevelt Ramsey and Sharon Ramsey, Samuel has always maintained an interest in faith, learning, and music as is immediately evident in his life to everyone that meets him. A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Entomology and an aspiring vocalist, Ramsey sees the use of his talents as a way to honor God with what he’s been given. On any given Sunday, you can hear him distinctly singing upfront as part of the worship team or at his seat as a member of the congregation. His enthusiasm for his faith is even evident in his clothes which all seem to have a gospel message written on them somewhere.

Samuel has always been a peculiar person. An interest in bugs and the concomitant nerdiness that that brings with it usually results in students with Samuel’s interests becoming quiet and reserved. Quite the contrary, Samuel is a rather extroverted person who loves to see others laughing, smiling and singing. Even from childhood Samuel’s expansive vocal range and ability to memorize songs quickly was put to good use in the choir at his local church. Even at a young age, Samuel had no semblance of stage fright; he took every opportunity to sing in front of others. Just years later, as a high school student, he earned the position of “Praise and Worship Leader”. It was a huge responsibility for a 16 year old but Samuel saw it as another opportunity to encourage people to worship the living God. While in college, he joined the Christian fellowship Campus Crusade for Christ and in just two weeks was asked to join their praise team. He was soon leading the team and is proud of how he was able to help them integrate gospel music into their uniform Christian Contemporary song sets.

Though unlikely to pursue a singing career on his own, Samuel isn’t opposed to the idea of becoming a vocalist. He’s even called it an aspiration but it’s something that he only wants to do if he can be sure it’s where God wants him. He’s well aware that the music industry is a treacherous business and he’s never felt like he could handle it without the direction of God. “If ever God made it clear to me that that’s where he wants me to be then I’d go for it but if not, I’m sticking with entomology. Hopefully I can become a professor” says Samuel.

He’s never been one to brag about his singing ability. With no formal training and little knowledge of music theory, Samuel sees many reasons to be humble. If you ask him, he’ll be quick to tell you that he sings simply because he loves to sing. He calls it an overflow of joy. If ever he goes an entire day without singing, it’s evident to everyone around him that he isn’t happy. His mother Sharon and sister Ashley are two of his major inspirations as he grew up listening to the both of them vocalize around the house. He’s been further influenced by Karen Clark-Sheard, Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, Tonex, Chrisette Michele, and The Winans.

If asked to describe his life, Samuel would tell you that it’s just been one non-stop song. “It’s got its highs and lows with some unexpected melismas but its undeniably more beautiful with every verse added.”

Nuff said folks, nuff said.  Tune in soon to read an in-person interview with the unflappable Samuel Ramsey.


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