A Ministry Moment with: Minister Antwaun Gay! Part One

Antwaun Gay, brother of legendary recording artist Marvin Gaye!
Antwaun Gay, brother of legendary recording artist Marvin Gaye!

The other day I got a chance to interview with a very special person: Minister Antwaun Gay, the youngest brother of Grammy award-winning and exceptional artist Marvin Gaye!! Let’s dive in to Part One!


Li’el: What would you like your readers to know about you?  Also, what would you like your readers to know about what you do?  Occupational-wise and ministry-wise…

Minister Antwaun Gay:  First that I am a Christian and that I love the Lord.  Occupation-wise I work for the Department of Juvenile Justice for the Department of Education and I work at a prison with the residents or inmates that are from the ages of 18-21 from different backgrounds, majority men of color.   It’s a job that I have been doing on and off working in corrections and law enforcement for some years working with at risk youth and adults.  I have a passion and its part of my calling to be there known to teach but also to plant seeds with the hope that those will be saved and that lives will be changed.  Throughout the week, I’m there ready to give a word, ready.  Whether I’m in the gym or on the streets I’m always ready and prepared to minister the word.

Li’el:  I was reading some of your bio and to me your work and dedication to the youth in your community is inspiring – what are some of the challenges that you face in the particular way that you minister and the work that you do?


Minister Gay:  The challenges of working in the prison system is there are a lot of guys who are unbelievers.  And there are a lot of guys who grew up in the church and they have dealt with a lot of hypocrisy.  Also the philosophy of the world from rap, or rock or R&B or country that clashes with the views of God.  A lot of guys have hardened hearts and have grown up hard and they are quick to reject it.  They wonder where is God at in my situation.


Li’el: What are some of the biggest rewards?

Minister Gay: Some of the biggest rewards is to be able to minister the Word first by my lifestyle, by how I walk in front of them in Christ.  before I start preaching to them with my words.  Then when I am obedient to Christ and walking in the Spirit it can be seen.  Then sometimes they’ll generate the conversation and then it opes up the door for dialogue.  It also gives me a chance and to break myths of who Christians are.  Like Christians are weak, Christians don’t have fun, Christians have to be perfect.  And it gives me the opportunity that I have to pray and ask for forgiveness daily.  It gives me an opportunity to break down myths and just to see someone say I didn’t know that and then eventually give their life to Christ when they didn’t believe.  That’s just the bomb!


Keep checking back for more of this fantastic interview!!




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