My Top 3 Groupon Picks for the New Year!

Image is a gatherer of great deals, and we all can raise our hands in guilt at the question “Who has spent too much money on the internet buying things they don’t really need?” So what should we be spending our hard on dollars we will end up spending on anyways?  Here are some suggestions coming up on the new year!

1) Fitness Classes!

We all want to be different next year, we make resolutions to start our new years off fresh and accomplished- why not start with a fitness class?  Groupon offers a variety of classes for all levels- both motivation levels and pocket money levels!  The top three that I saw when surfing the website were as follows:

For those in Maryland who really want to kick off the New Year, check this out:

Warrior Fitness & MMA Bootcamp – Multiple Locations

Four- or Eight-Week Boot Camp Class at Warrior Fitness & MMA Bootcamp (Up to 83% Off) $19 for $100!

For those in DC, check out this big deal:

Buddha B Yoga – U Street – Cardozo

10 or 20 Yoga Classes, or Three Months of Unlimited Classes at Buddha B Yoga (Up to 77% Off) From $35 For $148!

And for the Virginians reading, this is a can’t miss deal:

CrossFit North Vienna – Vienna

$99 for One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes and Four Fundamentals Classes at CrossFit North Vienna ($350 Value)

2) A New Look!

The other important thing to kick off our new years, is a new look!  To REENERGIZE sometimes all you need is a new haircut, to go with your new outlook!  Here are some of the top Groupon deals by region for men and women!

a) For those in Virginia, this is a great option with great Yelp reviews:

Gilda’s Beauty – Dunn Loring

Haircut and Style with Option for Partial Highlights, or a Keratin Treatment at Gilda’s Beauty (Up to 57% Off)

b) For our Washingtonians. check these guys out:

Bravo Salon/Spa – Washington

Men’s or Women’s Haircut with Shampoo and Style at Bravo Salon/Spa (Up to 52% Off) $12 for 25

c) For our Marylanders, this stylist gets props for promotion:

Berry HairStylist at Drake’s Place/Salon World – Temple Hills

Weave, Starter Locs, Loc Maintenance, or Corn Rows with Berry HairStylist at Drake’s Place/Salon World (Up to 54% Off)

3) Home and Garden Improvements!

There were so many different improvements, and this is so specific, my third and final Groupon pick Home and Garden Improvements will be left open to your imagination!  But everyone this new year should invest in their homes, because our homes are our sanctuaries!  They also need a little TLC from time to time!

I hope you enjoyed this little list of Groupons to spend your money on coming up on the New Year!  Take these tips and tricks and look forward to a fabulous new year!!



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