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Diggin’ Into an Interview with Sheryl Perkins!

Sheryl Perkins, Owner of Mother's Fynest LLC
Sheryl Perkins, Owner of Mother’s Fynest LLC

Entrepeneur and businesswoman Sheryl Perkins, owner of Mother’s Fynest, LLC is an amazing woman with an awesome testimony!  I sat down with her the other day to pick her brain and bring to you a genuine story of God’s love, and today I deliver it to you!  Here is Part One, Enjoy!

Li’el: What inspired you to create Mother’s Fynest LLC.

What inspired me was losing my job.  I downsized from Verizon in October 2008, and so I started out making the pies.  I made different pies for friends.  After time it was suggested that I start charging.  It was out of a need to make some money and a need to do something I was passionate about.

Li’el: How did you start it up?  Tell us some of the steps you took.

The first thing I did was to try and find a commercial kitchen that I could bake out of.  So when I found a commercial kitchen I worked with a chef to learn how to bake in bulk; you are used to baking one pie now you need to learn to bake 200 pies.  I learned how you do that more efficiently.  Once I found a commercial kitchen I learned what you can buy wholesale, and how to get the best price for the product you make.

Li’el: What is the best advice  you have been given in regards to your business?  And what is your best piece of advice?

Prepare your batter the first week, and then the next week you bake.  That was the best advice, because it made it so much easier.  The first year I did not take off work.  I learned and would say you need to take off work.

Li’el: And why Skincare products?How did you come up with that

I was working for a company that markets and distributes haircare products.  I was using shea butter at the time in its raw form.  I was sampling shea butters at the time and decided to see what it looks like when you whip it because I was not satisfied with what I had bought.  So I started mixing it with some essential oils that I already had and shared it with a  friend that likes body butters, and a person I know that does manicures and pedicures and they both loved it; the mani-pedicurist wanted to carry it in her salon.  So I put the two products together, just trying to make people happy.

Li’el: How does your faith factor into what you do and have you faced any challenges as a businesswoman and a Christian?

One of my favorite scriptures is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I have learned that what God has for your is for you.  And I have learned to rely on him and I know that he has sustained me between the time that I got downsized and now.  I am a statistic for being homeless and I work with homeless people.  A lot of people come in because they have lost their jobs, and that’s why they are homeless.  So I am reminded everyday that I could be homeless, because I lost my job.  The reason I am not homeless is so that I can be a testimony and help others, that is why God has put me on this entrepreneurial journey.  It is a new journey for me relying on my faith, and I know I could not have done it without him.

Lookout for Part Two of this interview with Sheryl Perkins! And check out her website at!


Mother's Fynest's Exfoliants!
Mother’s Fynest’s Exfoliants!

The Aspen Arts Foundation

This video about is about ‘Dancing Feet’, which is “an integrated arts program for boys and girls beginning at the pre-school level through high school. Our curriculum encompasses dance and movement training as a compliment to school based curriculums, world events, life skills, and comprehensive arts awareness. We strongly believe in the integration of various art forms, literature, world culture, language, and healthy living as a tool to develop a well rounded student. We are eager to partner with educators on ways to supplement school lessons.


DANCING FEET is committed to teaching all children, regardless of social or economic background, the art of movement and performing arts. Dance is a natural vehicle that humans use to understand themselves and the world in which they live. We strive to create arts awareness and appreciation that will last a lifetime.”

This integrated arts program is run by the Aspen Arts Foundation, check out this video and support our children and the arts!

The Aspen Arts Foundation: DANCING FEET program
Princess Mhoon Cooper, Executive Director
6925 Willow Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012
202-722-0858 Office
202-494-0409 Direct