Spotlight On: Gospel Artist Nicois!!

Gospel artist Nicois!!
Gospel Artist Nicois!!

We here at the Staccato Beat Magazine got a chance to sit down and chat with gospel artist Nicois, and the result was a blessing!  I was blessed by her words and truly enjoyed the time we spent, and the fruit of the experience is the words you will read today!  ENJOY!

Li’el: We are here with the lovely Nicois!  First question: What inspired you to start singing, and what do you think was the key to your success?

Nicois: Purpose, purpose, purpose.  It’s kind of challenging when you have no clue what you have been put here for.  Once you find out what your gifts and talents are, and what God actually wants you to do, that’s pretty much your road map.  The key to  my success is really really listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Letting Him really show me about me and what he wants me to do, who my audience is and where he wants me to go.  It’s really really beating my flesh because sometimes it’s not what I want to do.

Li’el: How do want your music to impact people?

Nicois: Unification.  My job is really to unify people.  We are kind of like the most segregated folks on Sunday in the world.  My music should get us together, that’s what my music should do.  Bring us together.

Li’el: And what does your art do for you?

Nicois: It’s a release, it’s an avenue for my purpose.  It’s a way to communicate, and when I say communicate I am communicating not only with people it is communicating with God.

Li’el: And when did you discover this?  That this was your release?

Nicois: It was a release way before I started singing gospel.  I was singing when I came out of the womb.  So it’s been a release for me for as long as I can remember.

Li’el: Tell me about performing over in Africa?

Nicois: That was definitely a life-changing experience because when you get out of the states, the quality of life people think goes down.  But for me it went up because when I saw the people in Africa, because what they set their sights on in Africa is way different then what our aspirations are.  I got to be exposed to a life that is way different then what I would have experienced had I stayed in the states.  God showed me a lot over there, and spoke to me a lot over there.  It was definitely humbling and added value to me.

Li’el: How do you balance everything you do?

Nicois: I go nowhere without my husband.  Because he is my manager.  I have a Nana, who is my mother who lives with me and she is my rock when it comes to me being shared with everybody.   I couldn’t do it without the core people who are around me.  That’s my parents, my mother-in-law, my uncle and they love seeing me do what I do and that’s the only way I could do it.

Li’el: How would you like to leave your imprint on history?

Nicois: To know that I have fulfilled my purpose to speak to nations and get us all not necessarily on the same page but to work towards that when it comes to surrendering to God and getting to know who He is.  I want my music to be known for that.

Li’el: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to enter into the arena of music?

Nicois: Serve.  Serve.  Serve.  These days everyone wants to have a blog talk show, everybody wants to be an artist.  The limelight is what everyone is drawn to but they forget how to get there and that’s to serve.  Serve in your local ministry, make it happen for somebody else!  That way you get the knowledge and the insight that you need to maneuver in this industry.  You got to serve!  That would be my only insight.

Li’el:  And what is the best music advice you have been given?

Nicois: Be patient, and be you.

Li’el: What is the best life advice you have been given?

Nicois: Leave him alone!!  Yes!!

Li’el: Last question!  If you could leave your audience with one word, thought, or sentence, and they not get anything else from this interview what would it be?

Nicois: Life is showtime, but it’s definitely not The Apollo.  Meaning you’re on the stage, but it’s real.  And you get one shot at it.  Of course you get one shot at The Apollo, but your reward rests on what you do, what you make happen for God right now.  So it is Showtime, but it’s not The Apollo!

I know you learned a lot from this interview, just as I did!  Please leave comments for Nicois, and check out her music at

Also, follow her on Facebook & Twitter: @NicoisMUSIC



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