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Two Exciting Interviews Coming Up!!

Happy weekend!!

This weekend we are conducting two exciting interviews!!  One is of an awesome renaissance woman, who had been featured on the magazine before, Reverend Glenda Murray-Kelly!!  The other is a Christian hip hop artist and educator, whose name will be revealed coming up soon!!  Keep a lookout for these interviews coming up!!


Lights Up On: Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly

Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly

Today we are taking a look at a woman who is gifted in so many ways, talented in so many forms of the arts, and is totally on top of her game right now!  Sit back and relax, and enjoy this interview with Reverend Glenda P.  Murray Kelly!

Li’el: Reverend, you do so much with the gifts God has given you, how do you find time to balance everything?

Rev Glenda P. Murray Kelly: I primarily categorize them by thoughts. The ultimate reality of the ministry is preaching the Word of God. Other ministries are enhancements like writing, drawing, art…The enhancements are not done on a daily basis. Preaching and studying is a job. The Word of God says to study and show your self approved. [That is my main focus].

Li’el: Tell me about some of your current projects you are working on:

Rev G:  One is a conference called Woman to Woman and the theme is Color Me Beautiful…looking at women who look beautiful on the outside, but their inside…lacks color…in fact their color is replaced with darkness. It’s what inside [that counts].  The event is open to the public and will be held March 31st  at Indian River Library, Chesapeake, VA.  To RSVP go  to  There needs to be a head count so please RSVP.

Li’el: Transitioning to your abstract artwork, what does a picture have to do to grab you?

Rev G: Primarily color, what is the picture expressing, what do I see in the picture.  Is the picture vibrant. what is the statement the picture is making?

Li’el: Who inspired you to start taking pictures?

Rev G: The Holy Spirit. [On a side note] back in 1935 during the Great Depression…The American Abstract Artist society was formed. There is a lot that can be expressed in a picture…[There was a war going on and not a lot was being published about the war] A lot of times a lot of publishers would not publish [things].  Abstract art and art is communication. [You can communicate things through art sometimes that cannot be communicated otherwise]. If I want to tell you that I love you I can do it through art.  Picasso did that.  A lot of his paintings were of his lovers.

Liel: Who inspires you now as far as artists?

Rev G: Picasso does, his squares and geometric…and geographical pictures.  I’ve always been inspired by him.

Li’el: Why should we be inspired by you?

Rev G: I have a very humble beginning. My parents were separated when I was a little girl, and I always wanted to be a daddy’s girl.  I never got to be a daddy’s girl.  I had a stepfather who loved me very much, however.  I grew up in the projects, and I tried to [separate myself from my environment] and I later found out that was not a good thing…If anything I would like to say it is to stay within [your environment].  [What is important is] how do you handle the test. Are we going to push the panic button in or trust in God? Even in my hard times, being divorced for 21 years.  The Word of God says he loves us.  And when I decide to go outside of his will he brings me back. People should be inspired [by that and know he will do the same for them].

Li’el: What is your motto about your work?

Rev G: There is only one Big G.

Liel: What does that mean to you?

Rev G: There’s only one God. And he’s able to sustain. There’s nothing to hard for God.

Li’el: What are some of your goals and aspirations?

Rev G: To complete a new musical entitled Be All. The song Be All is inspired by Climb Every Mountain. [It goes back] to when I was a little girl my momma used to tell me “Climb every mountain, be all you can be.”

Li’el: Tell us about your books?

Rev G: The book You Can’t Keep a Good Girl Down tells my story, it is my trials, my ups and downs, it talks about women, it talks about my love…it’s my life.

A review of the book by Black Christian Book Review says this about the book: Rev. G. Paris Kelly in You Can’t Keep a Good Girl Down, shares with us heartrending potpourri of events that have taken place in her personal life. Drawing from the life of Queen Vashti, she shares with us the struggles, hurts, and disappointments that women go through in all kinds of relationships—not just with the opposite sex.  Kelly encourages us to take heart and to continue on through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ because through Him you can’t keep a good girl down.

Li’el: Transitioning from your work to more about you, how would you define love?

Rev G: I was just writing something about that. How I would describe love is forgetting what happened yesterday…Whatever you did to me yesterday, it’s gone! I seek love.  I’m single now and I have been divorced for 21 years.  [But] it is better Ashley to have loved, than to never have loved at all. The words from the Whitney Houston song [say it all]. I would like to dedicate this song to the ones who truly love each other.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Li’el: Wow, that is wonderful. So how would you define family?

Rev G: Family is…relations. It’s blood, it’s love. Family is unconditional love. Despite what you want to do, who you know who your friends are family is blood…family is going to be there. Good blood or bad blood, they are still blood. And you can’t get rid of blood. Even when you get a blood transfusion you still have to get a donor from someone who has your blood type. You should embrace your family.

Li’el: Thank you so much for this interview Rev Glenda P. Murray Kelly!

Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly: Thank-you, Li’el!


Tune in for a treat from another Christian rapper/DJ coming next week, as well as Phresh Air’s interview, and so much more!