Our Interview with Minister Antwaun Gay: Part Two

Antwaun Gay, brother of legendary recording artist Marvin Gaye!
Antwaun Gay, brother of legendary recording artist Marvin Gaye!

The much-anticipated second installment of our interview with the brother of Grammy-award winning recording artist Marvin Gaye, Minister Antwaun Gay, is here!  Check it out!!!

Li’el: Quick question- if I were to go to one of the gentleman that you work with now or you have worked with in the past, what would they say is something you say all the time?

Minister Antwaun Gay: Oh my goodness…It might sound crazy but the one thing they would most likely say that I say is “Brush your teeth!”  Working in such an intense and violent atmosphere there are some guys who will come and cuss me out; this one guy came up in my face and threatened to hit me and started to cuss me out saying, “I’ll hit you and I’ll do this to you man.”  And so trying to be strong but at the same time not to fight fire with fire I just said something just to throw him off.  And so I said “Man, I’d rather you hit me than you breathe on me!”  And then people would laugh and it would be hard for this person not to start laughing because I’m cussing this dude out and it would be funny and sort of a shock but he was showing he was not afraid either.  So my little thing that I say when they are cussing me out is, “Man, brush yo teeth!”  Even though it’s silly it breaks down that machoism and makes that smile come out.  But they also know and I also tell them you know “Get your mind right!”  But that would probably be the first thing.

Li’el: Thank you for sharing that with me!

Minister Gay: It’s my way of building repoire with them, it just shows the guy he’s not attacking me with the same weapons I’m using he’s coming at me with a sense of humbleness.

Li’el: What would you say is your motto about your ministry?

Minister Gay: Basically to know who you are in Christ.  That’s my thing to try to bring people to awareness of that, that people were put here on this Earth for a purpose.  And to try to get them to understand that you haven’t found out who you are until you meet Christ.  You haven’t found out all you can do and be except through Christ.  Motto: To seek and to save that which is lost.

Li’el: So transitioning to more about you how would you define the word love?

Minister Gay: I believe its 1 Corinthians chapter 13.  God has given us a definition of love: Love is kind, gentle and patient, it rejoices not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things.  So basically God’s definition of love is my definition of love.  To the guys in prison or people I might meet in the street how I break it down is you know they say my homies and my boys show me love or whatever.  I say love does not make you do crazy simple things.  That’s not love.  Love is not for you to say in order to be in this type of family you have to beat somebody up, get jumped in or rob someone.  And if you want to leave-you can never leave.  You only leave by death.  I give them God’s definition of love then break it down into laymen’s terms.

Li’el: And on the same note, how do you define friendship to someone you would be working with?

Minister Gay: Friendship is not something that would be taken lightly.  Friendship is someone who would really truly look out for your.  Who would really tell you the truth and support you but not support you when you’re wrong.  Then you break it down to the different levels of friendships.  Your friend at work or associate or whatever.  And when they call someone their homie, their girl or their boy, their actions don’t lead them to the truth, to growth.

Li’el: How have these definitions helped you going over the years, of love and of friendship?

Minister Gay: They’ve helped me to know when I can really trust somebody, when I can allow myself to be around someone more.  When I can see the heart of Christ and I see the same characteristics of God, of love, joy, peace, patience…A friend I see their actions are genuine.

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