Interviewee Up Next: Minister Okey of HGS Radio!!!


I thank God and am honored for the awesome opportunity to have Minister Okey of HGS (Hour of Gospel Swagger) Radio come and be featured on Li’el in a Staccato Beat Magazine!!  I am truly looking forward to this interview, and without further ado, here is some background info from the official website (!videos/c9qb) about Minister Okey and HGS Radio, just to whet your appetite!


Minister Okey of HGS Radio!!
Minister Okey of HGS Radio!!


Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio or better known as HGS Radio was born on August 9, 2012 from the popular gospel radio show, The Hour of Gospel Swagger with DJ Chairmahn & Lady Halima which started January 10, 2012. With this show, Minister Okey of DJ Chairmahn Entertainment wanted to create a gospel radio station that embodied the same style and format of what they presented in their shows. With awesome support and management  from Lady Halima Harrison of Lady Halima Ministries; HGS Radio has started a revolution that cannot be stopped. Based on their uniqueness and awesome creativity, Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio brings listeners a variety of gospel music ranging from traditional gospel, rhythm & praise, inspirational, neo-soul, reggae/soca/calypso and even African. The vision of HGS Radio is to reach souls through the outlet of music while keeping everything that they do….Christ centered and Swagger certified!!!! It’s the standard that they started with and it will be the same standard that they continue to grow with!!!




HGS Radio caters to all listener demographics, not only in the United States but international listeners to include: Guyana, South America, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Bahamas, etc. No matter what your race or ethnicity, HGS Radio can meet your listener needs with continuing to give the best in Gospel music.


Hour of Gospel Swagger Radio can be heard on the following media devices:

  • Tune In Radio
  • Windows Media Player/WinAmp
  • Real Player
  • Itunes
  • HGS Radio Mobile App (COMING SOON!!!)


Now that you have a little more info, be on the lookout for the interview!!!



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