Wise Words from Sunday Best’s Ms. Sue Roseberry!

Courtesy of http://www.sueroseberry.com

The other day I got a chance to interview Sue Roseberry from Season 4 of Sunday Best!  Here is the interview, special thanks to Abdual Bell for the connection!

Li’el: God has blessed you with so many gifts, what gifts impact you the most and give you the most joy if you had to choose?
Sue Roseberry: Probably the musical gifts…melody transcends so many barriers and make for a joyful heart.  Music has the ability to change the atmosphere and there is always a song going on inside my head and heart like background music.
Li’el: Who was the first person to speak into your life about the gifts God has planted inside of you?
Roseberry: My grandmother, Ada Jones, was a huge influence in my life.  She helped to shape so much of my outlook on life and what it meant to have a personal relationship with God as the impetus for whatever we try to do in his name.
Li’el: Tell me about your experience at the Exchange Place during the National Storytelling Festival?
Roseberry: It was the opportunity for me to share my passion for telling stories with the single largest gathering for the art of telling stories in the United States.  I was so excited to have the opportunity because it was a validation of a great deal of hard work and effort.  It still stands out as one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences I’ve had in my life.
Li’el: How was it working with Karen Clark Sheard on the musical pieces for “Sex-The Silent Killer”?  Patti Labelle on “The Heavenly Bound Train”?
Roseberry: Both of these ladies are iconic vocalists so the chance to work with them was truly inspiring.  I enjoyed watching them use their talents to enhance the productions and bring so much joy to the audiences as well as those of us fortunate to be in the performances.
Li’el: What is your favorite community theater project you have participated in?
Roseberry: “Mahalia”…final answer.  I have always admired the legendary Mahalia Jackson for her rich voice, but more than that – I’ve always admired her passion for wanting to live the life that she sang about.   That matters most to me.
Li’el: How would you describe your experience on Sunday Best?
Roseberry: My Sunday Best experience was amazing.  It was a very humbling experience because you hear so many talented vocalists.  For sure you have to know that being selected to participate is a wonderful privilege and that platform has been instrumental in providing many opportunities for me to share my ministry across the country for which I am truly grateful.
Li’el: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Roseberry: To be myself.  I can do that better than anyone.  Besides whoever I would attempt to mimic already have a patent on their own style.  Being what you have been divinely and uniquely created to be works best.
Li’el: What advice would you give storytellers, playwrights, and singer/songwriters on making it in the gospel industry?
Roseberry: To love what you do and make sure your motives are correct.  The wonderful perk about the gospel music ministry is that the reward is really out of this world.  It is no secret that the compensation is not in sync with what secular artists receive, so it can’t be about the money.  That can be adequate, but beyond that it has to be about your love for sharing what God has given you with the world.
Li’el: If you could leave the audience with one thought, and they not get anything else from the interview, what thought would you leave them with?
Roseberry: There is JOY in serving God.  If you tap into that joy and let it permeate everything that you do, you will experience great satisfaction.
It was a joy and a pleasure to be able to interview Ms. Sue Roseberry, we have more interviews coming up so keep checking back for more!!

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