Chillin’ with Robert Hatcher!!

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The other day I got the awesome opportunity to interview the very multi-talented man, Robert Hatcher!  A model, singer, actor, lyricist,  and the manager for Sunday Best‘s LeAndria Johnson, he is always on the go!  Yet and still he stays humble!  Here is the awesome interview that gives you a peek into his life!

LI’EL: What inspires you to do what you do – you sing, act, model, write music, what was the inspiration for all this creativity?

ROBERT HATCHER: What inspires me?  I always wanted to be a singer ever since the day I was born – and ever since I got my chance at stardom.  When you know you are born to do something nothing in the world can stop you from doing it  I know I was born to be in the entertainment industry, through that I inspire people and through that inspiration I aspire to be better and push myself to be greater.

LI’EL: What is a work day like in the life of Robert Hatcher?

HATCHER: I work about 20 hours a day, I probably get about three hours of sleep every day.  I work in Europe as well.  With the internet being the way that it is, you can work while you sleep.  I WAKE UP to a gazillion emails and messages.  I contact people myself.  I go after the people I don’t wait for people to come after the people I represent.  I am in a band rehearsal, choir rehearsal.  I am mobile 24/7.

LI’EL:How do you balance all of that?

HATCHER: I think when you are born to do something, everything falls into place.  You have to have a very thick skin to do what I do.

LI’EL: What was it like when you performed Internationally in Guyana @ the National Cultural Center?

HATCHER: It was life-changing.  Let me tell you why – When I went to Guyana, I went there and it was considered a third-world country.  My eyes really opened to how blessed I really am.  There were people who gave their last.  Just to look into their faces and see how happy they were.  It told me to still remain humble and grateful.  You would have thought I was Michael Jackson over there.  I will never forget the people of Guyana.

LI’EL: Tell me about your experience when you Starred in the International Broadway Play “FANTISSIMA” as the lead role.(Cologne,Germany Sept 12-June27,2009)?  What was Germany like?

HATCHER: Germany was amazing.  It was my first time actually living in Germany for 10 months.  It was amazing.  It opened my eyes up to a totally different culture.  I sang a song in German by Celine Dion, I learned German.  It was my very first international Broadway show.

LI’EL: What did you learn about their culture while over there?

HATCHER: They recycle a lot, they conserve energy.  They are more of themselves.  They are more “free.”  In America we really care about what other people think fashion.  It kind of reminded me of a New York State of mind, there is just so much more freedom.

LI’EL: What is your favorite competition you have been in and why?

HATCHER: I would say Sunday Best.  Sunday Best was my third show that I did, and after three shows its like – the first two shows I was kind of like somebody else.  But after I got to that third show, I told myself never again would I let producers tell me what to say or wear, and I told them listen I love the Lord, I love gospel music.  I am an R&B artist.  I was a music minister for 8 years, and I don’t want to portray that I am a holier than thou person.  I wanted to be transparent.  I want to do me.  And they let me.

LI’EL: How does it feel and what is it like to be road manager for Sunday’s Best breakout star LeAndria Johnson?

HATCHER: LeAndria was on the show with me.  When I saw LeAndria , she was the best on that season and any season that has come.  And I knew that I had what it took to help her.  I have been with her since day one.  She is like a sister to me.

LI’EL: What advice would you give to up and coming artists who are trying to make it in the industry?

HATCHER: I tell people all the time , my favorite hash tag/slogan is “#Keep Going.”

I tell people a story Dave and Jim.  Dave was working on the railroad one day and a private car pulled up.  A man flagged him down. He got in the car for an hour.  He got out and the coworkers asked him how he knows the president of the railroad.  He said he and Jim the president have been working at the railroad for 25 years.  They asked him how come you are still working for the railroad, and Jim is the president?  He said because I came to work for the railroad for 3.25, but Jim came to work for the railroad.

I tell people I do what I am  doing because I know I am supposed to do it, I love what I do.  I know cant nobody do what I do like I do it.

LI’EL: If you could leave your audience reading this interview with one thought, and they not get anything else from this interview, what would you say to them?

ROBERT HATCHER: I would leave them with this: the race is not given to the swift, but to those who endureth till the end.  Keep going.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article!  Always remember to #KeepGoing!


RoBert Hatcher


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