How To Help Children Deal With Bad Weather

In light of Hurricane Sandy I would like rebIog this post for all my followersmwith small children

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Natural disasters take a great toll on families and communities. Depending on the event, families may be dealing with loss of property and loss of family members. Some families and children will be able to handle the situation better than others, with some needing extra support and help.

Each individual’s reaction will be different (including how children, youth and teens respond).

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Here are some things you can do to help a youth or teen after a disaster:

  •  Be open: Let them ask questions and try to be as supportive as possible. It is better not to force them to talk until they are ready.
  • Give honest information and answers: Do your best in giving answers. If you make things up, children and teens may not trust you or your reassurances in the future.
  • Use words and descriptions that they understand: Try to…

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