An Interview With Brian Courtney Wilson!!

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Talk about a humble man of God!  Brian Courtney Wilson has a very honest, real way of speaking about his story, which made it very easy and very interesting to interview him!  It is very inspiring to hear that someone who has achieved such success could stay grounded in the love and truth in God!  Without further ado, here is my interview with Brian Courtney Wilson:

Li’el: Who are some of your influences?

Brian Courtney Wilson: There are many.  One of them would be my dad, as a musician, his willingness to provide for his family and keep doing the right thing for his family.  He was also a leader in his church.  And I definitely had mentors.  From a musical standpoint, Donnie Hathaway was one of the first voices of gospel I heard and I really wanted to sound like him when I was younger.

Li’el: What was the impetus, what made you want to start pursuing a career in music?

Wilson: In college I knew I had some talent in singing, but life happens.  You start living your life though and start doing what other people expect of you, you start taking on other responsibilities.  You go to college, you get a job.  And then you hear a calling, I heard that God was calling me to do more.  And I found that at a church in Houston, I started writing songs and when of one the songs I wrote got some regional airplay that was inspiring, then I started writing songs for church services.  Things just kind of snowballed from there.

Li’el: How have you grown as a singer up to this point?

Wilson: I am certainly more confident about my sound.  I told you when I was younger I prayed to sound like Donnie Hathaway, now I am satisfied to sound like who I am.  Also, being able to communicate the words clearly.  I think that is the most important thing about gospel music, Christian music, that you deliver the music in a way that is credible and clearly understood, then believed.

Li’el: Which one of your songs clearly exemplifies your style and your message, and what is the message of your music?

Wilson: I don’t know that one song can do it,  the lead single was So Proud, it has this feel good vibe that I hope I bring to gospel music.  One of the t hings I want to do is go beyond focusing on God, not that you shouldn’t focus on God, but also God focused on us, and I think what he wants us to do is learn to relate to one another.  Perfect one of the songs on the album I did with PJ Morton, is another good example of where I want to go with that, because I see how one of the things that I believe keeps us from coming together as a community is a lack of self-esteem as a community.  I believe that the song perfect speaks to that in a very clear way.  That if we come we feel that what we bring will not be good enough will not be valued by the community.  The other thing that I love to talk about is love, the love between a man and a woman.

Li’el: Now I love your song Believe, tell me a little bit about that song?

Wilson: A friend of mine wanted me to write a song for his wedding, and I kind of hedged a little bit because I had not written a song for a wedding before.  So I started thinking about my relationship with my wife we have been married for 13 years.  She was the answer for all the things that I was worried about.  Someone exemplifying the love that God has for us, that was Believe was about.  I think it is appropriate because God gives us marriage and it is supposed to be an analogy for his relationship with the Church, his relationship with His people.

Li’el: Who is playing on your iPod right now?

Wilson: There is a guy named B-Lyfe, and me and my son love  listening to him and his newest album is called How the Story Ends.  The latest song I have been listening to is Take Me To the King by Tamela Mann, somebody needed to say what this song talks about.

Li’el: What is your advice to young artists an songwriters who are in this industry and are up-and-coming?

Wilson: Find a place that needs you, and serve there, be nurtured there.  That’s where I started out.  I know for a fact that I learned and grew from that experience and it served me too.

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