Welcoming Gospel Newcomer Javon Inman, Part Two!!

Javon Inman

It was such a pleasure doing the interview with Javon Inman, and now sharing it with you!  Here is Part Two of this interview to welcome new gospel recording artist Javon Inman!!!!











Li’el: What is the message of your music?

Javon Inman: The message of my muic is the wonder of worship – true worship.  When you come to God with a pure heart, it is a moment of true worship.  I believe in unapologetic worship, being sold-out for God during worship.

Li’el: Who are your mentors?

Inman: My granddad, my pastor Mr. Henry Harris of spiritco1.com, and Evangelist Lisa Woods.  She is one of my singers.  When the Lord was first birthing me in my ministry, she took the time to pour into me- she sang with me when I was at my old church, Refreshing Springs COGIC!

Li’el: Who is playing on your iPod right now?

Inman: Shana Wilson, Kim Walker, C.D. Porter, Richard Portis, Stevie Wonder!  Just to name a few.

Li’el:  And what songs are in heavy rotation right now?

Inman: Jason Nelson and Leon Timbo (No Words) and Marcus Cole (Bless My Soul)

Li’el: How do you balance everything?

Inman: Family first.  I had to decline some engagements.  With ministry you can go full-speed ahead, just go.  I have got to get up in the morning and pray, read my Word.  One saying that I remind myself of that is absolutely true: Outside success does not make up for in-home failure.


This was Part Two of a three part series, check out Part Three coming up to finish it all off!  Also, check out Javon Inman’s CD Heart of a Worshiper on iTunes, Rhapsody, and look out for the CD to be released in stores coming soon!



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