An Interview With The Morning Man, Winston Chaney!!

I got the incredible opportunity to interview radio morning show host Winston Chaney!

Winston Chaney

Here is a short biography on him, created by the Spirit 1340 AM staff, which you can find at

Winston Chaney is the voice of gospel radio in the Washington metropolitan area. Affectionately known as “The Morning Man,” he hosts “The Morning Show,” the most popular broadcast on WYCB-AM 1340, a member of the Radio One Network, the largest minority-owned radio broadcast system in the nation.

Winston’s wholesome, down-home charm and good-natured humor make him an ideal spirit for gospel radio, as well as for Christian community outreach. He often emcees area events and attracts a devoted following wherever he appears.

Winston is a native of Danville, VA, and son of Winston and Nancy Chaney. In 1972, after high school graduating, he entered MitchellJunior College in Statesville, NC; he returned to Virginia in 1974 and attendedVirginia Commonwealth University. Winston became interested in radio and began training at WKIE, a local radio station in Richmond,VA. After two years of part-time work there, he relocated to Washington, DC, and secured a part-time position with WYCB-AM. Four years later, in 1984, he received a call to do The Morning Show.

Here is Part One of his interview!!!

Li’el: How did you get involved in radio?

Winston Chaney: I was living in Richmond, and was fourteen, listening to the radio station.  I decided to call in to speak to the jockey, and told him that I wanted to learn radio.  He told me okay just like that!  He told me when the station went off at dark to come in, and he would train me.  I went that very night!!  WKIE in Richmond at the time was an R&B station, now it is all gospel!

Li’el: What have you learned about the industry?

Chaney: Everything has changed, I’ve seen the whole industry evolve from 8 tracks to albums to cassette tapes to CDs.  Now young jocks have  touch screen.

Li’el: What happens on a typical day on the job?

Chaney: The first thing I do is a weather sheet, which is a weather forecast.  Then I determine which prizes I am giving out that day, find music, and get ready for interviews.  Also on that day I do my special “This Day in History” segment.

Li’el: How has your career changed your life?

Chaney: Everybody knows your name.  Before you know it everybody knows who you are.

Li’el: What advice do you have for the next generation of radio personalities and people pursuing music?

Chaney: My advice is to work hard, be persistent, and be yourself.  Be you!  Listen to all announcers other than yourself, and take the best components to their shows to improve yours.


Stay tuned for Part Two, and be sure to listen in at 10:00 to Spirit 1340 AM for Winston Chaney!



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