A Warm Welcome for Gospel Newcomer, Javon Inman!! (Part One)

Gospel Recording Artist Javon Inman!!

Javon Inman is one anointed worshipper!  It was in his voice, in conversation, and in all his songs I heard on his website         (www.javoninman.com)!  I would like to take the time out again to congratulate Javon Inman on the honors and commendations that have been bestowed upon him at the recent 2nd Annual Gospel Blue Mic Achievement Awards, pictured on the left.  He truly deserves it!  I had the blessed opportunity to interview him on yesterday, and here is the interview!!!


Li’el: How does it feel to win not one, but two Gospel Blue Mic Achievement Awards?

Javon Inman: I am simply overjoyed…I am thankful for the recognition, the first thing I did was to give God thanks.  Then I ran over and gave my wife, who is my manager, a hug.  For so many years we have been sowing and sowing and now I am excited to see the fruit of what we have sowed, that it can reach people all around the world.  We really have to take the focus off the flesh- we get distracted when God gives us a purpose, when our purpose is simply to give glory to his name!

Li’el: What does it mean for you to be signed to Central South Distribution?

Inman: I am dumbfounded.  Again, that the Lord’s message and my music can reach people around the country, overseas even.  When Central South announced that I would receive my recording contract, I thanked the Lord, I never thought it would happen this way.

Li’el: Can you reflect on what got you to this point musically, and in the Lord?

Inman: I have grown up singing in my grandfather’s church.  In my teenage years I joined up with an R&B group and we had success as a group, performing in different venues.  Then I met someone who asked me what was I doing?  Write for God.  Most importantly what got me to this point was obedience.  Obeying God’s call for my life.

Li’el: What are some of your inspirations?

Inman: The Word of God number one.  I am also inspired by life, the different challenges that I see people go through, and my grandfather who is a pastor.  Also, experiences that I go through in my own life.

Li’el: And just because I love this song, I have to ask – What was the inspiration for My Portion (Psalm 73:25-28)?

Inman: It’s funny that you mention that Li’el because My Portion is going to be my next single!  Reading it (The verses Psaslm 73:25-28) I heard how Asaph called the Lord his portion.  The story of Asaph is one of tragedy, he lost his family, he lost everything.  Years and years ago, in the time of King James, they used to draw lots and whatever lot  they drew, that determined what they were going to do.  Asaph declared God you are my lot, you are my portion.  That really stuck out to me, and inspired me to write this song.

Li’el: What would you say if you got the chance to speak to young men and women, but especially young men, who are Christians but singing for the Lord?

Inman: Store up treasures in heaven.  We get so caught up in riches and things of this earth.  A lot of music in today’s society is very, very poor.  Don’t get my wrong, I love an inspirational song.  It has to lift you up, inspire you.  I haven’t got anything against a good love song, I am singing in a wedding coming up.  For example, Stevie Wonder is a great songwriter, his songs have great lyrical content, his music is very stirring.


This article was so good, I have to divide it into three parts!!  Stay tuned for part two and check out Javon Inman’s website, http://www.javoninman.com, for information about ordering his CD, Heart of a Worshipper now!  You have got to check it out!!


2 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome for Gospel Newcomer, Javon Inman!! (Part One)”

  1. Li’el, God bless you! I’m so grateful for the support and the interview! God is sooo good! I pray that souls will come to realize the power in worship and what truly transpires in God’s presence and what joy can be reaped in His rest. The Lord is worthy! God bless you, again!

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