The Man Behind The Message: Earle Wilson: Part One

Author and Blogger Earle WIlson

The man behind a message of African-American empowerment, author and blogger Earle Wilson, is an incredibly fired up and inspirational person.  This interview was so full and power-packed, I am going to have to break it up into parts!  Here is Part One of: The Man Behind the Message!

Li’el: Earle Wilson, who inspired you to start writing and why?

Wilson: My mother, my father, my grandmother, and my great-grandparents.  They were very much into writing and reading as fundamentals, so as a child they used to have me write letters to my cousin Seth who had joined the military when I was about eight or nine.  And you know he was like my big brother whatnot being my mother’s nephew, so he was like a big brother, so when he went into the military, this was before free long-distance, I couldn’t call him every day and so I had to write him letters.  Then it spread to poetry, short stories.  During my darker days when I was going through my struggles I was at a place where communication was limited to strictly letters, so I have always had opportunities or situations where I was forced to write.  Whether it was for my own leisure or for pure communication purposes.

Li’el: What inspires you now to write?

Wilson:Well I went through a couple of phases growing up, the phase that I pretty much remained in for the bulk of my life was rapping and poetry.  When I refocused I said to myself I love to write, and writing is the foundation of all art forms, whether it be rapping, acting music even if it is just creating a sculpture you have to sit down write or draw out your plan.  And that requires pen and paper.  Once I realized that I realized I can do anything because I have a skill and a strength in writing.

Li’el:  What does a piece of work have to do to move you?

Wilson: It has to be authentic-automatically.  When I say it has to be authentic, I have to read it, I have to know a little something about who wrote it, and they have to coincide with each other.  I’m not going to be moved by a work of fiction written by Newt Gingrich, and it is urban fiction.  If it was a work by Newt Gingrich in the realm of politics or corporate america, in the realm that he moves in, then it would move me.

Li’el: What do you write about, predominantly? How do you use what you write or hope to, to make a difference?

Wilson: I write a lot of grit.  I write a lot of grit.  The poems, the novel I am working on right now, and the reason why everything is grit is because I have a strong view.  I’m tired of us being portrayed globally.  It’s not a good look for us black people.  The reason why I write the grit is because I want to show that even though some of our brothers are involved in some shady things, things that don’t as a whole paint a good picture of us, brothers are still people.  It’s just a phase in their life that they are going through, whether they come out of that phase or whether that phase becomes their life, that’s up to them.  But, we have to show that people are dealing with poverty, drug addictions, negligent parents, people are dealing with a societal system that doesn’t necessarily put us first.  I want to illustrate that, and I want to illustrate possibilities to change that, but we all have to start with what we’re dealing with today.

Li’el: So from there, from that question, tell me a little about a recent poem that you wrote, that deals with that topic?

Wilson: Well it’s been about a year since I  wrote a poem.  I’ve been more into my blog and my novel.  I have two of them actually.  One is called Knowledge Equates to Power, and it can be found on Blogger, and the other one is casting shadows publishing, both on blogger.  Just google Earle Wilson, or EBW3RD.

Li’el: Okay tell me about the first one first, Knowledge Equates to Power.

Wilson: Ok, Knowledge Equates to Power is a motivational blog.  The topics I deal with are vision, state of education, the state of the black man in America, varying topics but it’s all about self-improvement, knowledge of self and knowledge of our surroundings.  Awareness

Li’el: And the other one?

Wilson: The other one, Casting Shadows that is pure fiction.  The purpose of that blog is basically character development.  So I have a whole slew of characters that, a good chunk of them are going to appear in the novel that I  will be releasing by the end of this year, but a good chunk of them are not appearing in the novel.  Because the book I plan to sell, the blog is free.  You can come into the world of my characters, you can see them see which ones I like, there is an opportunity to leave comments to tell me which characters you like. You can also pick up a few morals and principles that I would like to push through my novel.

Well this is just a taste of the message behind the man, and the man behind the message, stay tuned for the second part of the interview!!! Be sure in the meantime to check out his blogs, Casting Shadows Publishing and Knowledge Equates to Power!  Also, please feel free to leave comments, I challenge you to think about opportunities you have to make a difference in your own communities, or list how you are already working through commenting on this post!

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