A Breath of Phresh Air!!

Here’s an interview with Christian rapper Phresh Air, a true breath of fresh air!

Li’el: What inspired you to start rapping for the Lord?

Phresh Air: A Christian Rapper named Phanatik. After listening to his album “The Incredible Walk” so many times, I felt the Lord tugging on my heart for my life and my music. Phanatik set an example for me to live by, which was to live to glorify God and to make music telling others to do the same, so now that’s what I do.

Li’el: Who inspires you now as an artist?

Phresh Air: Lecrae (Christian Rapper) inspires me because he continues to pursue his calling in ministry, consistently dropping projects, and sparking events to draw people closer to God.

Li’el: Why should we be inspired by you/your story?

Presh Air: My story is just one of many examples of what the power of God can do to an ordinary guy. Us as human beings deserve nothing but God’s wrath because of our sin, but God chose to send Jesus to die for us, and the Holy Spirit to draw us into relationship, we have the chance to enjoy eternal fellowship and communion with him.

Li’el: What does music do for your spirit?

Phresh Air: I feel like like music reaches into my spirit and plays strings that spring up different emotions depending on the content.. That’s why I’m intentional about keeping Christ honoring music in my ears, so I can constantly be encouraged to think of Him and all his splendor

Li’el: What does a song have to do to grab you?

Phresh Air: A song has to be passionate, lyrical, and inspirational in order to grab me

Li’el: What is your motto about life?

Phresh Air: Live to Know God, Die Making Him Known

Li’el: What are some of your goals and aspirations?

Phresh Air: I hope to one day start my own record label (Building & Making Noise) and non-profit organization to serve and show God’s love to the community. I wanna see millions of people’s lives drastically changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Li’el: If you could send a msg to young people trying to pursue a career in music what would it be?

Phresh Air: Seek the Lord for the type of artist you’re going to be because he’s the only one who knows because he made you. Don’t copy anyone. Be the Best You that you can be!

Li’el: What is one thing you want your readers to take away from learning about you through this interview?

Phresh Air: A Christian is who I am.. Rapping is what I do.. Don’t ever confuse the two.


God works in mighty ways, and he has raised up a mighty warrior for God in Phresh Air!!  Check out his tour dates @ http://futureisnowtour.com/fr_home.cfm!


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