One of God’s Soldiers Making Music and Making Waves, Phresh Air!

The Future Is Now Tour:

I got a chance the other day to sit down with Christian rapper Mike “Phresh Air” Coleman for an interview,  and here’s what he had to say about his ministry:












Li’el: How would you categorize your music?

Phresh Air: Christian rap- rap music from a Christian’s perspective.  All of it is aimed using a plethora of different ways to glorify Christ!

Li’el: How have you seen your music affect people?

Phresh Air: I have a friend who told me about how the song ‘Yo God’ helped her to see her pride.  People say my music helps them to see God.

Li’el: Tell me about the tour you are currently on!

Phresh Air: The Future is Now Tour is headed up by Christian artist Ason and his wife Christy Love.  It is a collection of Christian artists coming together to bring people closer to God.

Li’el: What is the goal of your ministry?

Phresh Air: “We exist to spark encounters with Christ through media.” The Bible breaks down people into two separate categories – Believers/non-believers.  So my hopes with Building & Making Noise Ministries is to see as many people as God would allow, be encountered by t he power of God through my music with the Word of God.

Li’el: What lessons have you learned along this journey that you would like to share with others?

Phresh Air: I’m a Christian first.  I’m a rapper second.  My identity is in the fact that I am a child of God, not in my ability to rap.  I am a servant not a superstar.  In saying that my aim is to make Christ famous, not bring myself glory.

Got to love a man of God doing His work!!  Keep checking for more info on Phresh Air, and  check out  the tour’s website at


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