The Crowning of Pastor Shirley Caesar, The Magnificent Queen of Gospel!!

Pastor Shirley Caesar

The event was magnificent, the church sanctuary exquisite, Mount Calvary Word of Faith sanctuary looks like a palace fit for a Queen. The walls of the sanctuary are exquisite, trimmed in gold with royal blue drapes and royal blue carpet and pews with a 1,500 seating capacity. There was standing room only and many outside waiting to get in to witness this joyful occasion of the crowing of the Queen of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Caesar. On each side of choir loft are doors with stained glass windows. One door displays a white dove which symbolizes peace, and the other side a black cross which symbolizes suffering.

April 29th 2012, will be marked down in history at Mount Calvary Word of Faith as being the day of celebration and joy. People from eight different states came to witness the official crowning of the Queen of Gospel Music, Shirley Caesar. There were fifteen outstanding performances however, there were a few that Lie’l would always remember.

The three outstanding youth on the program that captured the attention of the audience not because of their youthfulness but because of their gift. Young Reverend Leniyus Sullivan was an inspiration to the audience, appearing as a 9 or 10-year-old in age but to listen to him was if we were listening to a mature man in worship.  He embraced the audience with his gift by singing the sang “Lord Keep Me Day By Day.” The crowd was enthralled with his charisma, and his anointing as he was singing, preaching, AND ministering at the same time.

Symone Spencer (aka) “Baby Shirley,” who performed up to expectations of Shirley Caesar. She’s sang “Jesus, Jesus” with the Mount Calvary Word of Faith Choir as background singers. And finally, 12-year-old Michael Boone, referred to as (little Luther Barnes) has a smooth strong voice of a 30-year-old man who sang “There’s No Charge.” Boone had the people on their feet the whole performance. To perform for the Queen of Gospel you must be gifted and talented.

Ruth La’Ontra Jones sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “‘Victory.” Jones started off slow allowing the audience the privilege to hear her vocals and voice tone. Then all of a sudden she took off like a firecracker or a rocket. Her voice echoed though the sanctuary with her high pitch notes that captured the attention of the Queen of Gospel. The crowd immediately stood to their feet while clapping and praising God. Jones maintained amazing showmanship while using control, power and her voice commanded attention. Her backup singers were powerful.

TDK Mime, a mime group out of South Carolina performed to the song “I Never Lost My Praise.” Their performance was powerful and moving. Three young men performed synchronized moves and combined movements to tell the story of how you should never lose hope in the power of Jesus Christ. Their message was communicated while absolutely winning the attention of the audience.

But the main event, the crowning of Pastor Shirley Caesar the Queen of Gospel, no song could rival.  It was a beautiful ceremony with her taking a great oath associated with being crowned here:

Recognition and Oath by Carolyn Sanders
The Coronation, Anointing, and Crowning
Hail, Hail to the Queen!

Li’el would like to congratulate Pastor Shirley Caesar, and thank the sponsors Dr. Mildred Summerville, Steven Johnson, the Diamond Club, and  Jerry Smith and Radio One.  Ashley Jones and Libra Boyd Photography.

Photo Credit: Libra Boyd



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