From Bunny To Sheep – By Teri Harrison Clemons

Teri Harrison Clemson is a former Playboy Bunny, who is coming out with a new book entitled, “From Bunny to Sheep.”

It is a book about her life, with a forward written by Bishop Edward Wilson, the back cover of the book reads as such:

Teri was born in Tarboro North Carolina, into the family
of George Harrison & Son’s Construction Co, which built
most of the family homes in Tarboro. She offers an
amazing testimony of a life of glamor which almost ended
in her losing her inheritance. She testifies to the realities
of the glamour as being one of the first African-American
“Playboy Bunny” while working at the Atlantic City Playboy
Club (aka) Monet. She recalls her many acquaintances
with most of the Jet setters of the ’80’s and her
experiences in the Hi-Life. She attests to how the grief
that she experienced from death of her mother in 2006 led
her to the use of more drugs, resulting in becoming a drug
addict. This experience took her from her fortune as a
millionaires’ to living in a shelter and becoming homeless.
She bear witness as to how Jesus saved her from absolute
destruction and death. Join her on her sensational
revelations in this book entitled “From Bunny To Sheep.”

Check out the interview coming up in a few!


3 thoughts on “From Bunny To Sheep – By Teri Harrison Clemons”

    1. Hello Maggie,
      I apologize for the delayed reply. I have been so busy Maggie. I would love to talk with you. Where were you a bunny? Please let me know how I can reach you so we can chat ……… LOVE + GBU Teri Harrison-Clemons / Bunny Monet

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