An Inspirational Message from Teri Harrison Clemons!

Teri Clemons!

In the previous article you got a chance to read a little about Teri Harrison Clemons, (aka) Monet a former Atlantic City Playboy Bunny and inspiring author of the book “From Bunny to Sheep!” In this article you will read an interview which was conducted on her.

Li’el: How did you become a Playboy Bunny?

Clemons: There was an advertisement for the Playboy Bunny positions announced in the local newspaper back in 1980. I read the announcement and applied for the position. There were about 1,500 applicants. I was very nervous during the interview. There were many beautiful women of all races. I wasn’t sure whether I would get a chance. So during a break, I called my mother and told her that I wanted to come home. Like a mother would do, she encouraged me to stick with it. During the interview process I had to walk around the table. The interview process appeared to be forever. I had to communicate effectively and after about an hour I was told that I could go without any indication of me having the job. Three days later, I received a letter in the mail stating that I had been selected. Wow, I was one of the first African-American women on the Casino tour.

Liel: Why did you decide to write a book telling your life story?

Clemons: I was a church girl, and a Sunday school teacher an educator and a model. I want people to see what I’ve been through for 30 years. I became a substance abuse addict. At the age of 15, I started smoking marijuana, then I starting snorting cocaine and then next was smoking cocaine. I became broken vessel. The recording artist Helen Baylor has a similar testimony of drug addiction. In reality “the devil tried to kill me.” But deep down in my heart everyone who knew the real me knew that I was a well-kept woman. After 30 years, I ended up in a shelter with no place to live. I was left with one boot and the other boot was stolen by someone who was in the shelter with me. I was a world traveler but my brokenness led to my salvation and deliverance from drugs. I use to be ashamed of my life style but I understood that God was trying to get my attention.

Li’el: How do you feel now that your story is in print?

Clemons: I am filled with joy, because people can see the works of Christ in me. They can see that God is a God of restoration because he restored my soul and my mind.

Li’el: How did you record your story?

Clemons: I recorded my story on audio cassette tapes which is now being transcribed into book form.

Li’el: How do you relate to music and what kind of music do you like to listen to?

Clemons: I’ve always been fond of music. One of my favorite songs is “Never Would Have Made It” by Marvin Sapp. Another one of my favorite’s songs is “Secret Sanctuary.”

Li’el: What is your most memorable meeting with a famous person or celebrity?

Clemons: My most memorable meeting with a celebrity or famous person was dining with President Jimmy Carter in 1979 while a student at Norfolk State University. I also dined with Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughter at a charity dinner which cost $1,500.00 to attend. Not too many people get the chance to dine with a President of the United States. We even took pictures that night. Yet, Jesus is the most famous person that I have ever met.

Li’el: What message would you like to give to young girls trying to pursue their dreams?

Clemons: Young girls in the world, I believe in drawing close to Jesus and serving him. He will show you his work and his will. You must serve him for who he is and not for what he can give too you. Not for the blessings but because of his love and mercy for his people. We must work while it’s day. Mother may have papa may have but God bless the child who have his own. There is no friend like Jesus and nobody can do you like the Lord!

What a wonderful interview! Teri Clemons is a shining example of what God can do! If there is anyone out there reading this are and it impacted you in a special way please post a comment and share this magazine link with others. Can’t NOBODY can do you like Jesus.



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