Amazing Grace: An Interview With Ruth La’Ontra Jones!!

Ruth La’Ontra Jones is a force to be reckoned with and her story is miraculous.  From her miracle birth, to her awesome-spirit filled voice at a young age, this young woman is on fire!  Check out her story, and more, in this awesome interview with the very talented, sweet Ruth La’Ontra Jones!

Li’el: Who inspires you in life?

Ruth: My cousin Shontae Hill, my mother, my father, my pastor/grandmother, and my aunt. When my Aunt Lillie passed away she was like another mother to me.  It was when I was in 12th grade, it was very unexpected, and I wanted to give up everything and no one really knew how I felt about anything. I started having high blood pressure from worrying about it but God lifted me and brought me out and of course I birthed a song out of the hurt and pain and I’m okay now.  Of course I think about her from time to time maybe even dream but the peace that I have is great.  The name of the song is Speechless

Li’el: What was your favorite place you have performed at?

Ruth: At the Apollo Theater, it was an incredible experience.

Li’el: What does your music do for you?

Ruth: It lifts me every day!  My music teaches me to keep going and don’t even think about stopping!

Li’el: What do you want your music to do for others?

Ruth: I want it to heal others like it heals me every day!

Li’el: Who are your heroes?

Ruth: God, my daddy, my mom, my pastor, Grandma and Grandpa Boggan, my Aunt Lillie, and my brother and sister.

Li’el: In honor of Mother’s Day which is coming up, please share a fond memory with your mom:

Ruth:  I have the most amazing relationship with my mom. We make each other laugh, we shop together.

Li’el: Why should we be inspired by you?

Ruth: My story is that my mom had met Pastor Walker, who prophesied that my mom was pregnant. Little did he know that her tubes were tied, but it ended up that she was indeed pregnant with me.  The story goes that mom had her tubes, tied, cut, and burned.  They call me a miracle child.

Li’el: What does a song have to do to grab you?

Ruth: When you live your life for Christ, a song should not have to grab you. I do not try to get people into a song, I just really go into it.

Li’el: What is your motto about work?

Ruth: To reach the world with any and everything I do, in a good way, to reach the lost and point them in the right direction and help them.

Li’el: What is your motto about life?

Ruth: To live each and every day as if it’s your last, and not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has to worry about itself.

Li’el: What are your goals and aspirations for life?

Ruth: My goals in life are to become the best in life that I can be…I want to help people, when I was in New York I saw so many homeless people and I just want to help the world.  Each and everyday I see or hear people who are crying out for help and if I can be that helping hand then I want to do whatever it takes to be it

Li’el: How do you define love and family?

Ruth: To define love, you can have everything you want you can have the great measure of faith but without love you will have NOTHING.  I have to remember to love everyone, in spite of everything or anything they may have done. I love my family we are very close.

Li’el: What is one thing you want your audience to know about you, coming away from this article?

Ruth: That I am a dream chaser. I am chasing my dream of my music career and my ministry. I would want to tell people to chase after your dreams, do not let other people tell you what to do, do not give up, set your mind on that and keep going.

Li’el: What are some collaborations that you would like to do?

Ruth: Kierra Sheard, Kim Burrell, Leandria Johnson, J. Drew Sheard, Mali Music and really all of the amazing gospel artists.

Li’el: Finally if you could send a message to young people right now trying to pursue a career in music what would it be?

Ruth La’Ontra Jones: Go for it and just support each other’s music; if you do not support others in the music industry, you will not get very far. Support all radio, whether it be college radio, Radio One, you never know who you will need in the future.

Isn’t God good?!  Ruth will be singing at Pastor Shirley Caesar’s crowning ceremony!  Stay tuned for the in-person interview coming up next week!!  Also, check out some of her videos in the Listening Room!!


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