Guatemala in the Rear View Mirror

Read about how one man’s journey to Guatemala inspired him to speak out about injustice there, and do your own research by clicking on the links! Find out ways to help!

J.W. Eberle

Over the last week, I have slept on airport floors, careened down perilous mountain highways, laid my hands on the stones of Mayan ruins and gotten lost in a bustling market in a country three thousand miles from home. I was disoriented, culture-shocked and a little queasy, but the experience of traveling to Guatemala was incredible.

For me, traveling outside of my comfort zone (literally) has always excited my imagination. How could a writer resist the exotic allure of such a mysterious place? In less than seven days, I wrote three short stories, took 11 pages of notes and snapped nearly 800 photographs. In the creativity department, I was on fire for the first time in months.

(Side note: One of my new friends also tried to get me to marry his daughter, but that’s a story for another blog.)

Still, inspiration wasn’t the only thing I found there. I…

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