Highlighting a New Phenomenon: Natural Hair is Good Hair!

Me after the big chop!

A new phenomenon is sweeping the nation, it’s gracing the covers of our magazines, it’s in our newspapers, it’s on our TVs, it’s in our faces and that’s where it should be!  The phenomenon is black women of all shapes, sizes, and colors embracing their natural hair.  And it is beautiful!  This Youtube channel here is dedicated to all things hair, as is this website: http://www.theGOODHAIRblog.com/!  Please check them out, and if you are thinking about the big chop, research it before you do it to make sure you are comfortable with it, and that it is really what you want to do.  I recently cut my hair, and as you can see, I love it!

In my opinion, the author of TheGoodHairBlog Alexandra nailed it on the head: Good hair is healthy hair.  It’s not natural hair over permed hair, permed hair over natural hair, braided hair over both, extensions over weave; whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin is what is good for you.  So whatever you decide, your hair is your hair!  Embrace your choice and own it!  I love this video that the author put up when interviewing a young man about women and what he is attracted to, what stands out in a woman for him:  Check it out here:


BeautyShorts on TheGoodHairBlog: Caleb



2 thoughts on “Highlighting a New Phenomenon: Natural Hair is Good Hair!”

  1. About three years ago I decided to STOP coloring my hair! It took a lot of courage to face myself with gray hair, but you know what? It’s looks so great and is a heck of a lot better than sitting in a hair parlor for two hours for a $110.00 dye job that grew out in two weeks and began to look as if I had a postiche of another color stuck on my head! I say ’embrace your natural self what ever age you are for you are beautiful!”

    1. Thank-you so much for sharing, it is tough to let go of an ideal that you have about yourself and how you want to look and embrace the way you were made and embrace change. Everyone is beautiful in their own right, and you are no exception! 🙂

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