The Amazing Story of Norfolk Native Abdual Bell, in His Own Words

Abdual Bell

Last week we got in poetry-form the autobiography of Abdual Bell.  This week, we get an up-close and personal view into his life, in his own words.  His story is heart-rending, but its ending is a happy one.  Here is an introduction to, Abdual Bell, in his own words:

I, Abdual Bell, am a native of Norfolk, Virginia, Born January 24th, 1994. Growing up was a struggle, even as a toddler my mother  was unable to take care of me, and without a doubt I was on my way to foster care. However, my then 18-year-old aunt dropped out of high school, her senior year, and came to my rescue.  She took on the responsibility of taking care of a 2-year-old child! As years went by my aunt and I had a typical mother-son relationship, but soon that changed. I started to be bullied by my peers, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I wanted my mother and father to be in my life. But they couldn’t, for my mother was in a penitentiary, and my father was nowhere to be found. I would run to my room at times, take a box of my mother’s clothes that sat in my closet, and smell them for comfort. This would happen almost every day!

In transition, I began to act out, and express my emotions by eating everything from my aunt’s refrigerator.  I became unbearable. Finally my aunt caught up with my father, and I went to live with him. I was happy; I finally had a father figure, until I found out that he was far from that. I would never see my father, and the nights he was gone, his girlfriend would force me to watch pornography, and give me pornographic magazines to read instead of my homework (I was only about 6 or 7). I wasn’t taught to tie my shoes, or even to clean myself, so I would go to school with the foulest odor, it was so bad that I was sent home numerous times, by teachers. Living with my father brought out a whole different Abdual, I remember the days when I would break windows out of cars, steal toys from the store, and hide my horrible report cards. I was crying out for help in the most violent ways, and guess who responded? There she was again, my aunt. She took me back in, yet my rebellious behavior failed to stop so she allowed me stay with other family members, and every time something went wrong she would allow me back into her home, I was her son. At the age of 16, I left her and stayed with another aunt; I graduated high school one year early, and decided that I had to become a man. I put away my childish ways, and stopped blaming my biological parents for everything. I went on to win numerous national and international awards for my poetry, and theatrical works.  Now a college student at one of the top Christian colleges in the nation, I am working on opening my own stage production business in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been recognized by the mayor of Norfolk, Virginia, and celebrity weatherman Al Roker. I give glory to my father, Jesus Christ, couldn’t have done it without him.

Today I will have a one-on-one interview with Abdual Bell, tune in to read it later on in the week!  But before then, please check out his website at!  Here his Abdual’s message for his website: Men, young and old, are SILENCED by pain, disease, and turmoil every day, please help me help them, together we can give them a VOICE!


9 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of Norfolk Native Abdual Bell, in His Own Words”

    1. It is sad, but thankfully it does not end there! Abdual Bell is now at one of the top Christian colleges in the country, he is staging his own play, and doing so much more!

  1. Based upon what I’ve read of your amazing story Abdual; You are to be commended for many exceptional traits of which stamina is not the least.
    But I still wonder what your format will look like as you go forth to develop a stage play that will tell your story.
    Will there be speaking parts for characters? Or, will it be a story told in music? And if so; What will the repretiore reflect, and will the whole affair be just an evening of Religious music. Will it be punctuated with “Verse” as it progresses through turn of event after turn of event?
    And the big question of course; Will secular music be prohibited entirely.

    Please understand; I’ve been at this kind of thing for a long time, and may very well have much to offer you. But the question is…Will it fit in with what you have already planned for your “Stage Production”? Your’s is certainly a story worth telling…but you should have the last word on just how it is told.

  2. Continue to press forward. It’s life’s journey that helps to grow and be strong. Don’t worry about the bumps in the road. Victory awaits you at the end….

    1. I call that LOVE!!! You come a long way to struggling.U are not the only one. You have shown people your FAITH and strong to educated young and older people. No matter how hard it is. Your strength and Strong man mind will teach boys and men to get out and work. Knowing is hard out there but as you get older you learn more wiser to take a bigger responsibly. I am sorry for your loss and tragic and everything that you went through but GOD can see the kind of a HERO you are and do not GIVE UP HOPE. Your story is really touches people life. You are so strong person that is amazing a BIG HEART you have. Good Luck in a new job. You did it!! You teach young people the kind of life you went. Wow.. I am expressive your story. Keep up the GREAT work you do. I ll see if I have a free bike I ll check it out.. Don’t give up…. There is HOPE!!

      1. Thanks so much for words of encouragement, people who speak such truth are the ones who help our young men who have been brought low become great. Keep speaking truth!

  3. Well Mr Bell: you were amazing tonight!!! It was a pleasure to meet you.. God has people in your life. You keep going and work harder to the top. Listen and following my heart or your heart. You will become a great successfully. Come visit to Mablui Grand Prix on Indian Trail. They have tona things fun to bring your friends, tony and your family.. He got a new bike today. I am glad I could
    Help you.. You are bless.. Keep your faith strong.. Keep going never stop. Your dream will come true. You will teach others and they will remember this. Have fun with your bike.. Keeping loving yr bike.. And take care of it.. Thank you for your kind and lovely note. It made my day.. God bless you. Ellen Rice (deaf Actresa)

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