Coming to the Stage, Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly!

Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly

Born In Chesapeake VA, Reverend Glenda P. Murray Kelly is the quintessential phenomenal woman.   Her biography is so big, and she does so much, it has to be broken up into two parts!  She is EXTRAordinary, and when you look at all she has done, you have to be amazed.  Here is a little of her background, in the next edition we will dig a little deeper into her accomplishments and talents.

She preached her initial sermon September 1990, New Mount Olive AME Church, Chesapeake, VA and obtained her license in Baptist Church in 1999 ordained in small non denominational church in 2000.  She studied Business Administration and VSU and AA from Regent University, receiving an A.A. as well as a B.S..  She also received a certificate of Religious Studies, at Virginia Union University.  Then, she went back to school to Kaplan University, Public Administration and is an MPA Candidate.

One of her ministries, The Connectional Ministries and Mission 2000, Inc. is described this way in her biography:

The Connectional Ministries and Mission 2000, Inc. Community service [is a] [d]evelopment and outreach program.  [She] serve[s] as founder and CEO of [the] organization.  It [p]rovide[s] workshops for women in transition, education and awareness for youth, art exhibits, performing arts training in musical productions.  Writ[ing] and produc[ing] plays for youth, teach youth abstract art and work with various leaders in the community on educational projects. Interviews and auditions, casting and fundraising projects [are also part of what she does].

She describes herself as, Abstract Artist, Journalist, Recording Artist, CEO of the The Connectional Ministries and  Mission 2000, Inc., Owner of PARIS Magazine – that’s a mouthful!  But she balances all these hats delicately and with a finesse that is hard to touch!  Check in a little bit for the other half of her biography!


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