Young, Wise, and Strong: Abdual Bell’s Story

Abdual Bell

Abdual Bell’s story is amazing.  When I read the poem I am about to share with you, I felt compelled to make others hear it.  To make others listen.  Because it is a powerful story.  Abdual Bell is not only a poet, not only a playwright, but he is a young, wise, and strong person.  He has overcome incredible odds.  Today you are going to get a glimpse into his life. To call it a sneak peek or preview makes it seem trite.  Just read, and if you feel so inclined, comment.  But this is something you should not ignore.




Once Upon A Time a 16 year old girl gave birth to a baby, but not for
one second did this young lady think this parenthood thing would drive
her crazy, so she went on with her plans to keep the child, but after
a while her healthy smile became a pile of punches to her babies
chest, taking her anger out on him because she couldn’t get her rest,
now the baby is sick, for he didn’t receive his shots, you are my
mother he cried please don’t tell me you forgot! He was ill and
uncircumcised, someone please help me that baby cried! Finally someone
heard his plea, ironically it was his 18 year old auntie, you see she
dropped out of high school just to get me, to answer your question yes
I was that baby. Years later, she had three kids of her own, being a
single mother she had to work, and I had to watch our home, so I
learned to cook and entertain. But this chapter of my life quickly
turned into pain. I was being bullied at school. My self-esteem
completely destroyed I would look at the ground to hide my face from
the world, reminiscing about the times my step mother forced me to
watch naked girls on television, I’ve seen a man sniffing crack
cocaine,  only by the grace of God am I still sane, and that I will
remain. I wanted my mother and dad, but that didn’t look to bright, so
I acted out against my auntie, my pain began to take flight, I ate as
much food as I could to receive some insight, but I received no
results so I kept eating with all my might, hoping that the answers
would soon come. One night I broke into tears, I cried, I cried, I
cried, not being able to express how I felt, my aunt grew weary and
her heart began to melt, please tell me what’s wrong she yelled as
tear streamed down her eyes, I don’t know, I responded. So we sat
together and just cried. I tell you all of this because, well look at
me, I survived!

A clip that is a preview of his new play is in The Listening Room.  Please tune in on Sunday and read more of the incredible journey that Abdual Bell has gone on, which leads to a happy ending.



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