Surprise! Music Week @ the Staccato Beat!

Michael 'Phresh Air" D. Coleman Jr.

This week we will be featuring not one, not two, but THREE!  artists all spreading positivity through their messages in their music!  Today we are going to first learn about Phresh Air, and also learn about Samuel Ramsey and Ellen Harris!  Here’s the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop on Phresh Air in case you missed it last week:

Michael D. Coleman Jr. aka “Phresh Air” is a 21-years-old, recording Christian Rap artist . He was raised in Capital Heights, MD where he first began to fall in love with doing hip-hop music. And because he lived a double life of being a “so-called Christian” in church, but being all about himself everywhere else, he did both christian and secular rap, thinking it was ok because he didn’t talk about anything bad. He just boasted about himself in every song. He didn’t understand that a person couldn’t serve two gods. He lived seeking in own pleasure in lust and selfish ambition. It wasn’t until he listened to another Christian Rap Artist by the name of Phanatik (from the Cross Movement), that he was inspired to give his music and his life totally to the Lord God where he claims he began his “Incredible Walk” with Christ, which happened to be the name of the album he listened to. After he decided this, God led him to turn away from living his own ways, which was a life of sin to turn and live God’s way, by living to please him. He began to read his bible, pray, and allow the Lord to change his life one step at a time. He got rid all of his secular rap music (and he had a lot) and replaced them all with Christian rappers. Since then, he’s been serving Christ to the fullest through his life, his music as a solo artist, and with Christian hip-hop group Site 937. He now spends his blood, sweat, and tears building up the Kingdom of God and making noise to the world about Jesus.

Puttin Christ On (his last mixtape released in 2011) :

LIVE 24/7 (album in the kitchen) Coming Soon

Bio reprinted with the permission of author from


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