The Last Stanza in our Soliloquy on: Sha’ahn Williams

We are now going to take a little more in-depth look at the artist, Sha’ahn Williams, with words spoken straight from the horse’s mouth in an in-person interview down the street of the performance space for the well-received performance of His Majesty, Herself.

Li’el: What was your favorite book growing up, and what touched you about it?

Sha’ahn: Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy.  I was always into stories about mythological creatures or mystery.

Li’el: What is your favorite now?

Sha’ahn: I don’t really have a favorite book, my favorite genre is Fantasy and Horror.  When I was a kid I loved Greek mythology…Greek mythology even better than Roman mythology.

Li’el: Who inspires you as far as other writers?

Sha’ahn: Writers who are self-published.  [I am] inspired by rags to riches stories.

Li’el: What is the writing process like for you?

Sha’ahn: I’m one of those people [for] who…it is very sporadic.  I only write when I feel motivated.  I can sit down and turn on my laptop and start writing but it is not easy for me.  I have to write chronologically.  I’m not the type of person who can just write bits and pieces of a book; I have never finished a book that way.  I [also] publish chronologically.  [I] publish chapter by chapter.

Li’el: What inspires you to write the book Sugarbaby?

Sha’ahn: Inspiration for the series Sugarbaby actually comes from some personal experience in the sense of, not being a sugar baby, but in the sense of being able to get what you want…A lot of what I write I draw from my personal experience, a part of me.

Li’el: What was your goal with Sugarbaby?

Sha’ahn: My goal is to show young women/women that it is not as glamorous as it seems, not really meaningful just a means to an end.  It was me exploring the fleeting desire or thoughts of being this type of woman, that all women have.

Li’el: What projects are you working on?

Sha’ahn: [The book on Kindle] Sugarbaby, Hatshesput, a short film called Portrait, and trying to get an agent.  (In Sha’ahn’s words as found on her profile on Facebook @, the play is about “An artist [who] meets a girl he wants to paint.  Then they are deciding whether to call each other.”

Li’el: What are your career aspirations?

Sha’ahn: Near future – Commercials and voice-over work.   I’ve always wanted to be a voice on a cartoon ever since I was a little kid.

Li’el: What show would you like to do a character for as far as voice-over?

Sha’ahn: What comes to my mind first (of a voice-over I would like to do) is Fairly Oddparents.  I love that show!  Next would be Adventure Time.

Li’el: Switching gears a little bit, how would you define love?

Sha’ahn: Love is unconditional 100%.  I understand that it is very powerful and it takes a strong man [to love].  Love is all the things Corinthians says it is.

Li’el: How would you define family?

Sha’ahn: To me family has nothing to do with blood.  [They are] those who have your back.  [Those who] support you, love you no matter what, people who tell you the truth.

Li’el: Alright, last question!  What message would you like to say to anyone pursuing their dreams if you could only say one thing/had one sentence?

Sha’ahn: Never give up – Never surrender – Never take no for an answer.


I hope everyone enjoyed this series on Sha’ahn Williams, tune in next week to learn a little about Christian rapper Phresh Air and what moves he’s been making in the music world!

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